Raina Gray LOF student

I am an upcoming graduating senior at Leap of Faith and have danced here for 5 years. When I first started I was nervous and shy. I thought people would laugh and make fun of me, but it was the complete opposite. Ms. Crystal gave me confidence in myself and in dance that I thought I would never have. When Ms Crystal wasnít around student Jordan James helped me. She let me know that she would always help me with any steps I struggled with. She made me feel like I was as good as the other dancers. I never would have thought 5 years ago that I would end up bring a class assistant my senior year! I love and cherish every moment Iím here at Leap of Faith! Leap of Faith teaches more than dance and I love Ms. Crystal for that. We are the best! -Raina Gray

LOF student Ardath Griffin

Leap of a Faith to me means strength. Coming to Leap of Faith I know I will be embraced by a strong circle of powerful women who will lift me up when I am at my worst. Even when I am 500 miles away. Knowing they are standing together with me in their hearts is enough to keep me going one more day.

LOF Student Elishia Bruening

For me Leap of Faith is the place where the wreckage of my heart began to be restored. I arrived a very frustrated, disillusioned, lonely person one snowy January evening at the Leap of Faith Dance studio. I had just moved to Columbus and did not know many people. Much to my surprise, i discovered at Leap of Faith a warm and loving dance family who fully adopted me. The patience and kindness that was lavished on me over the next year and a half empowered me to leap with confidence out into my next adventure. I am so grateful for the dance training and for the freedom and hope that Leap of Faith planted in my heart. Crystal, DeAnn, Kristiauna and the student body embraced me and encouraged me to boldly embrace my dreams. I left Leap of Faith a very joyful, hopeful, well-loved little sister to do volunteer work in South America. I will forever look upon Leap of Faith dance studio as a launching pad into my destiny an an integral part in my finding my identity (and i miss everyone so much and look forward to coming back). Dear Crystal -I personally could write a few chapters on LOF. I love you so much. You have forever changed my life.

LOF parent & students Robyn and Simone Robinson

Since becoming a part of the Leap of Faith family, my daughter Simone & I have become even closer during the time where most teens start to distance themselves from adults. I love when our classes get combined and we get to learn a new step together! My own dance journey would have been so much more richer had there been a LOF when I was her age! Being a LOF dancer gives her opportunities I could have only dreamed. Watching her grow into womanhood with LOF supporting her every step is a true blessing for our family! Thank you Crystal & the LOF staff!

Leap of Faith student, Sharonda Whatley

One of my closest friends talked me into signing up for a class at Leap of Faith Dance Studio almost 7 years ago. I had no dance experience, no coordination and no rhythm! On top of that I was scared that I was too old to learn and didn’t have the right body type to dance. The only reason I kept coming back to class that 1st year was because I thought I looked cute in the leg warmers! Eventually I found that I enjoyed all the different types of movement and music. I look forward to having a new way to express myself and having a new way to worship. I kept coming back year after year, but it wasn’t just because of dance, it was the amazing people I’d come to know and call family. Not only did I learn to dance, I learned the meaning of Faith and the power of prayer. I also learned how to love and except myself just a little bit more. Though I’ve moved 2 hours away, I know that I will always have dance in my life and LOF in my heart!